About us

Hey everyone,

I am Jatin.

I am glad that you want to know more about me

I am founder of this blog thepremiumreviews.com

I am currently located at Gujarat and having my own bussiness in India.

I started blogging having seen a need for consumer demand for essential products for them. Actually, I have seen the online market more appealing but not such user centric. I have even came across some buyers prefers buying online goods from local market rather than online.

Due to this I always had this thing on my mind “Why people underestimate the need for a product when they can buy online without much difficulty”.

I have asked this several times to me and luckily I have came up with few answers.

Such as

People believes that the products they buy online might come out with issues

People don’t know how to claim a refund or replacement if anything goes wrong.

We always check out products or things that we buy from online but lack of improper or few reviews won’t satisfy us to buy the products and ends up buying something that is not having a user value at all.

How I find this a niche and made a blog out of it

thepremiumreviews is a blog specially for those who are looking for products in Kids & baby, Home & Kitchen, Electronics and Health & Fitness..

I was looking for a domain which express the core intention of my blog.

I thought to make it simple and name it thepremiumreviews.com. As, I am more cautioned to provide our readers a deep insight into products that we recommend or suggest.

I have always came clean on through my mind without thinking much about the affiliate. My products are completely unbiased and honest opinion after using the products by my own.

Thanks for reading our About us page.